If I had to describe myself... I am a second year student in the Internet and Multimedia Technologies UTD at Angoulême, in France, and I'm driven by the universe Internet offers to us. I am someone who likes to spend my time scribbling on every sheets of paper that come under my hand, but also writing all the ideas of scripts that proliferate from my imagination, as well as to capture a picture of the tiniest detail that will make me think. The smallest element is a source of learning for me and I make a point of discovering more every day. I would like to continue my studies in the field of video games because it would allow me to put forward my three passions in one area, the one that cradles me since my childhood.



During my formation, I discovered softwares like Photoshop and Illustrator, it let me ascertain my passion for the world of graphics. Drawing for a long time on paper, it was a real revolution for me to discover digital and vector drawing.



If there is one thing that fascinates me, it's the natural beauty of our world and the elements that compose it. That's why I love photography because it gives me the opportunity to immortalize a moment and its aesthetic forever.



Ever since I was little, I'm writing stories, from my dreams or from my overflowing imagination. Recently, driven by my passion for writing, I decided to evolve by being part of a writing team for a magazine called Daily'z.


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